Since the start of the pandemic, loyal readers like you have been asking us: What’s the future of the office? And lately, that question has gotten even more urgent. So we set out to find the answers.


“What the F* is Happening to the Office?” is an engaging and thought-provoking series of video discussions with experts that delve into the dynamic landscape of work, and our evolving work environments, and explores the future of human performance and how we can work better. This ongoing journey invites viewers on a captivating exploration, examining a diverse range of issues, tapping into the insights of experts from various disciplines, and shedding light on the vital factors that shape our work experiences. We’ll go beyond design and place emphasis on the essential precursors to workplace transformations and their profound implications. With a forward-looking perspective, the conversations seek out groundbreaking concepts and innovative ideas that hold the potential to revolutionize how and where we work. Prepare to embark on a fascinating quest as “What the F* is Happening to the Office?” unravels the intricacies of work’s metamorphosis and reveals the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

Meet Our Experts

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We know you’re busy so we’ve designed our docuseries to be short and packed with next steps to turn learnings into action. These videos deliver the expertise and learnings that you could get at a conference in a way that leaders like you could do this on your own schedule and curate content that is useful at a price point far below at what it would cost to travel to, stay at and attend a multi-day conference.

Each video includes:

  • Answers to some of the pressing issues facing the industry today
  • Comprehensive brief of each video
  • Curated 10-20 minute on-demand videos
  • Alerts to your inbox when new videos become available
  • Time stamped transcripts for easy referencing
  • Additional resources to expand on the topic
  • Customize, actionable next steps to apply your newfound knowledge
  • Exclusive invites to connect with our most popular expert guests (1x/quarter)

The program will offer subscriptions starting at just $10/month to help off set the cost of developing and producing the program. We’re confident that you will find value in this actionable program and if you for some reason find that it’s not what you expected, let us know and we’ll issue a full refund. We are excited to have you join us as we explore What the F* is Happening to the Office.