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Design Days 2024 Recap

Design Days 2024 was a refreshing mix of new products, excitement and amazing Chicago weather to support walking between all of the new showrooms....

NeoCon 2024: 7th Floor Finds

For a second year, Work Design took up residence on the 7th floor for our NeoCon Talks influencer series and in between sessions we...

Chair of the Month Review: O6 by Allsteel

Together with the interiors team at Partners By Design (PBD) in Chicago, we worked from Allsteel's O6 chair during the month of May. Could it be a fit for your next project?

Starphire Ultra-Clear® Glass is the Ultimate Blank Canvas for Superior Interiors

Learn how Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass by Vitro Architectural Glass can impact daylighting, clarity and overall design excellence.

Meet Woodura: Wood Floors That Last For Generations

Wood flooring in commercial buildings not only adds elegance and warmth to spaces but also holds a surprising environmental impact, especially if it's Woodura.

Tarkett’s ReStart® Recycling Program: Keeping Old Flooring Out of the Landfill

With Tarkett's ReStart Program, recycling old flooring does not have to be costly or a schedule constraint.

10 Questions for Soft dB

WDM interviews Soft dB experts on everything we need to know about sound masking, privacy, and comfort in the modern workspace.

Avalon Chaise Lounge: Where Work Meets Lounge

KFI's Avalon becomes your private space where you can focus on getting work done or simply relax in between meetings.

2023 Gift Guide For Avid Readers

Check out our recommended reads from our top contributors for the forward thinking workplace practitioner. Happy Reading!

2023 Gift Guide for the Work-from-Anywhere Employee

Check out our list below of technology for the hybrid worker that they can take - wherever work happens.

Chair of the Month Review: Tori by 9to5 Seating

9to5's Tori has a sleek, non-bulky design that fits into your space seamlessly without compromising on comfort and ergonomic features.

Sony’s Nimway Presents The Frictionless Workplace Experience

Learn how Sony Nimway reduces the hassles and friction for busy people coming in to offices to interact, socialize, and work.
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