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MAY 2024

Environments that Support Cultural Optimism and Resilience

How can design help to minimize uncertainty in simple things like internal signage, celebrating successes in authentic ways, using the psychology of color, and flowing shapes raise hopefulness. Share why design is key in resilient spaces.

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JUNE 2024

What Can The Workplace Learn From Other Industries?

Lines are blurring across home and work, and across industries. What ideas and inspiration can the workplace take from others? 

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JULY 2024

Work Out(side)

We’ll profile some the most desirable sky gardens and outdoor work spaces in the world. Plus ideas for bringing the outside in to the modern office.

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Tech Fest

Skip Coachella, Lolla, Glastonbury and join us instead for Tech Fest. Discover the cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing work everywhere and see examples of tech-first designed environments that allow everyone to thrive.


Work Reimagined

How should work, work? What role should the office play? Who is doing hybrid right and striking the balance between cost, carbon and employee experience?

Special Feature: The 2024 Next Work Environment Winning Submissions


Optimizing Real Estate

In the quest for balance between remote work and office presence, we’ll look at top strategies for optimizing real estate in a hybrid work environment. Plus how to future-proofing real estate by anticipating trends and innovations to stay ahead in corporate property management.

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Intentional Design

Who is creating meaningful and purposeful designs that address modern challenges, solve problems, and enhance the quality of life for those who interact with the built environment.

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2025 Trends & Predictions

We’re inviting back our top guest contributors of 2024 to lend their thoughts on What’s In/Out for the next 12 – 18 months.


All contributors are required to review our editorial guidelines prior to submission.