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Expert Insights

Dell’s RTO Policy Failure: Workforce Choosing Remote Work Over Promotions

The result of Dell's controversial return-to-office policy shows employees want remote work despite the costs.

“Exhibiting” a New Approach to Workplace Design 

SmithGroup workplace strategist, Kerri McShea, challenges the industry to find design inspiration in museums. 

3 Experts Share How To Get The Most Out Of Flexible Work Models

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky consulted three industry leaders on the 9-to-5 in-office work place as it evoles to the hybrid model.

The Office Gets “Schooled”

Experts Marilyn Russell and Sydney Moeller discuss how best practices in education design is influencing today's office space. 

Welcoming Workspaces: Hospitality’s Influence on Modern Workplace Design

Design Collective's Deb McLaughlin and Erin King discuss how workplace design can learn from the hospitality industry.    It’s no secret that hospitality has integrated...

Experts Share Best Practices For Embracing The New Era Of Flexible Work

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky spoke with three workplace leaders about how they lead their flexible work environments and the future of flexible work. 

Can Your Workplace Help You Sleep Better?

Perkins&Will's Sarah Wicker sheds light on the importance of understanding chronotypes for a more productive and inclusive work environment. 

Access to People: Your Most Valuable Amenity

In hybrid work models learn why people are the ultimate workplace value and how in-person connections can transform your office experience.

Looking Outside the Workplace for Inclusive Design

IIDA's Erika Moody highlights the people shaping the workplace — and the importance of conversations for considerations at every level. 

Future Proofing Your Smart Building

Expert David Stephenson discusses key initiatives designers should consider to make smart buildings last in the changing workplace. 

How to Create a Resilient Workspace

SmithGroup's Ryan Boe discusses how resilient design proves to be beneficial for neurodiverse individuals in the workforce.

Environments that Support Cultural Optimism and Resilience

M Moser Associates Director, Sam Farhang, discusses how to design for a culturally optimistic future in the rapidly changing workplace. Strengthening Resiliency through Design Before we...
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