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The Future of Work Will Be Personalized

As we delve into the transformation of work environments, it becomes clear that the one-size-fits-all approach is rapidly becoming obsolete.

Does Blockchain Still Have A Role In The Evolution Of Commercial Real Estate?

Despite setbacks, Allwork.space reports that blockchain's potential in real estate through proptech and smart contracts persists.

The Designer’s Role Amidst A Climate Crisis: How Can We Make A Difference?

The HGA team shares their internal design approach and best practices for driving environmental and cultural change.

The Future Face of Facade Design

Architectus' Marko Damic, explores the departure from sleek, reflective glass towers to high-performance facades for a more sustainable future.

Embracing Sustainability in the Workplace through Furniture Upcycling

Spectorgroup's Steven South explores how upcycling discarded office furniture can not only reduce waste and carbon emissions but also transform workplace culture.

Designing for the Planet

M Moser Associates' Sam Allen explores how regulatory changes, investor demands, and a growing global consciousness are reshaping corporate environmental responsibilities and influencing sustainability across design, engineering, and construction sectors.

Beyond Mandates: Shifting From Command And Control To Human-Centric Gathering Strategies

Learn how organizations optimize performance by focusing on the “me and the we” and the value they can derive from purpose-driven gatherings.

Designing for Climate Change: “Optional” is No Longer an Option

SmithGroup's Nancy Kohout and Lisa Denlinger outline five ways designers can have an impact on climate change now.

Going in Circles? Good!

Ware Malcomb's Director of Sustainability, Erica Godun highlights a path to sustainable workplace design in the era of circularity, where architects and designers champion repurposing, reclaiming, and reimagining materials, ultimately crafting environmentally responsible spaces for a brighter future.

Offices Aren’t Ready To Support Hybrid Workers, Cisco Survey Shows

Webex's global hybrid work study reveals challenges and opportunities arising out of hybrid work, highlighting the need for office redesign, AI integration, and employee upskilling.

The Adaptive Workplace: Reducing Friction In The Ever-Changing Work Experience

In the dynamic modern workplace, friction arises when evolving needs aren't met, impacting productivity and job satisfaction; M Moser advocates for iterative changes, data-driven design, and behavioral nudges to create a fluid, frictionless work environment.

Seamless Signals: Navigating Workplace Interactions with Ease

DLR Group's Abbey Cwiek-Garrett shares how small changes in workplace cues and technology integration can enhance focus and streamline communication, creating a seamless and intuitive work environment.
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