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What if Transportation Disappears?

Commuting to work today requires time, energy, and money. But what if all of that could change?

A Pivotal Shift: Sustainable Workplaces

Companies rebuilding or modifying their work environments with an eye on the future will continue to move away from dedicated offices and workstations.

Change is Changing: The Next Workspace

New and more efficient ways of working are being incorporated into office environments whether we design them or not.

What if There Was No Color?

Let's pitch the all-white and show some personality!

A Pivotal Shift: Generational Workplaces

Today's workplace must be leaner, meaner, and more efficient in providing the necessary resources for a staff forced to work smarter and harder.

The 3 P’s of Workplace Performance

As organizations navigate changing economic times and increasingly competitive marketplace, there is an increasing emphasis being placed on the formulation and implementation of a clear and precise workplace strategy.

Do We Really *Need* Office Space Anymore?

We want to explore the possible answers to this question about the new work environment and everything that's associated with it

What If Gen Y Transforms All Workplaces?

Valerie Trent explores what they would look like and how they might feel.

Diary of a Design Newbie: Expectations Meet Reality

The quantum leap from student to professional was daunting, transformational, and would have been impossible without the skills and confidence I gained through my internship.
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