Digital Specifications


Ad & Social Media Specs

Material Deadlines: Ads are due 5 working days prior to the start of a buy

If materials are received past the start of 1st in a monthlong buy, additional days will only be added based upon availability. Ad materials + preferred URLs should be sent to [email protected] and please copy your main WDM contact.

Note: if you are sending digital ads built in HTML5 the following special guidelines apply.

  • Set the exit URL in your creative or ad, depending on your needs and the creative type. If you set click tags in both the creative and the ad, the ad-level setting takes priority.
  • Advertisers should test all HTML5 files before submitting them to [email protected].

eBlast Specifications

Advertisers must supply complete HTML files including absolute references to the images that are placed within the html file.

The eBlast images should be hosted on an outside server such as the client’s own server or at a 3rd party storage like AWS.

Client has the option to supply a preferred subject line, preview text and time of deployment or let us write it and select the optimal time for deployment.


Deadline: HTML is due 5 working days prior to the start of a buy

Get Smarter Calendar Inclusion

Submit in one email to [email protected]:


  • Name of Experience
  • Date(s) and Times
  • Description: 2 – 4 sentences of why it’s a can’t miss opportunity
  • Image: jpg format no larger than 1000 pixels wide
  • Organizer Name
  • Website for more information
  • Link for registration
  • Perk for WDM Readers
  • (optional: preferred tags)


Deadline: Information is due 3 working days prior to posting

Newsletter Sponsorships

Submit in one email to [email protected] :

  • Logo: jpg preferred, no smaller than 150 pixels wide
  • Text: up to 75 words
  • Ad: 585 x 200 with corresponding link


Deadline: Assets are due 5 working days prior to the publication date

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