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Work Design Magazine is a thoughtfully curated digital publication for professionals that goes beyond aesthetics and visual aspects to delve into the challenges impacting our work environments. Our focus is on the issues shaping the future of work and the transformations and disruptions reshaping our workspaces. We examine the complex interplay between the work itself, the people who do it, the supporting technologies, the workspace, and the organizational impact. By seeking out new ideas and innovative work environments that advance the industry, and considering design and user experience alongside expert insights, we provide actionable intelligence to optimize our workplaces. We maintain an open and unbiased perspective, curating best practices and emerging trends from a global network of architects, designers, facility managers, product innovators and thought leaders.

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Bob Fox

Founder & Executive Publisher

Katie Sargent

Project Profile Editor + Special Projects

Emily Ambery

Assistant Editor

Alexis Ramos

Marketplace Editor

Michelle Weiss


Cynthia Milota

Assistant Editor - Circular Economy

Erin Fox

Graphics + Social Media Manager

Jennifer Speaker

Web & IT Support

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