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Dominic Catacora

Dominic Catacora is a Staff Writer for Allwork.space. He is based in Pittsburgh, PA. He graduated from Radford University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Studies - Journalism. He has previously covered the Historic Triangle as a journalist living in Williamsburg, Va, and is now focused on writing related to the future of work.

Dell’s RTO Policy Failure: Workforce Choosing Remote Work Over Promotions

The result of Dell's controversial return-to-office policy shows employees want remote work despite the costs.

Offices Aren’t Ready To Support Hybrid Workers, Cisco Survey Shows

Webex's global hybrid work study reveals challenges and opportunities arising out of hybrid work, highlighting the need for office redesign, AI integration, and employee upskilling.

Empty Offices Get Revamped: NYC’s Landlords Embrace Coworking For Flexible Future

The transformation of empty offices into coworking spaces in New York, driven by changing work models and landlords' adaptations, is reshaping the commercial real estate market.

Only One Type Of Workplace Well-Being Program Actually Works

A recent study suggests workplace wellness programs don’t make that much of a difference on employee mental health, but there is an exception: volunteering.

Gen Z Work Preferences Could Redefine Workplace Collaboration

Managers are impressed with Gen Z’s strong digital skills, but over half of them believe the generation’s soft skills need improvement.

Does The Workforce Actually Want AI Tools?

Over 50% of employees in a recent study have stated that they use AI for complex tasks, but employers remain more hesitant.

Offices Gain Appeal Among Gen Z, Reshaping Work Norms

Gen Z is embracing in-office work seeking workplace amenities that cater to social interaction and physical/mental health.

Reskilling For The Future: Workday’s Unique Approach To Employee Development

To address upskilling challenges, Workday has established a personalized approach that has led to positive results within the company.

From Classroom To Coworking: The Future Of Flexible Work Is Next To Top Universities

Coworking is gaining popularity among college students due to locations opening in close proximity to campus, affordability, and perceived potential for networking opportunities.

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