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Campus Life in the Workplace

Work Design Magazine assistant editor, Emily Ambery, sees her recent undergrad experience blending with workplace initiatives and research. 

What The Workplace Can Learn From Taylor Swift And U2

Downstream's David Waingarten discusses three key takeaways the built environment can learn from event experiences, like a Taylor Swift or U2 concert.  The experience economy is...

Economic Pressures Continue To Shrink Offices

Recent statistics are showing the office is downsizing. Read about how companies are responding to the data with space-efficient initiatives. 

Future Proofing Your Smart Building

Expert David Stephenson discusses key initiatives designers should consider to make smart buildings last in the changing workplace. 

Hybrid Working: A Permanent Shift or a Temporary Trend?

The hybrid working model, which combines remote and in-office work, is being touted as the future of work. But is it fact or fallacy?

Which Way To Run? Decoding The Wobbly Economics Of The Office Market

There is rising hybrid work preference (51% may quit if revoked), yet CEOs push the office return amid economic uncertainty and potential real estate crisis.

Beyond Cubicles: Crafting a ‘People First’ Workplace

Hendy's Anna Alm-Grayhek explores the transition from process-driven to people-centric office design, delving into the significance of creating purposeful workplaces.

Is Working Near Home The New Working From Home?

Recent reports indicate that working from home is falling out of favor, but there are many reasons why working near home has become more attractive.

AI Will Shape The New Era Of Employee Performance Metrics

Future work metrics will leverage AI to assess productivity, efficiency, quality, innovation, well-being, learning, and ethics in 2024+.

Art At Work

Experts from PLASTARC and ArtLifting explain how inclusive art strategies foster a healthy workplace culture.

Going in Circles? Good!

Ware Malcomb's Director of Sustainability, Erica Godun highlights a path to sustainable workplace design in the era of circularity, where architects and designers champion repurposing, reclaiming, and reimagining materials, ultimately crafting environmentally responsible spaces for a brighter future.

Revolutionizing Workplace Dynamics: Creating a Welcoming Destination for All!

As organizations navigate the evolution of office design, Robin Weckesser of a3 Workplace Strategies shares insights on unlocking workplace potential.
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