Two Cities are Better Than One – Tour Omnicom’s Manhattan Office

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Katie Sargent
Katie Sargent
Katie Sargent is our Integrated Marketing Manager. Katie’s interest in the A+D industry began with her first internship at IA Interior Architects. Since then she went on to have experience with Jones Lang LaSalle, Kimball Office and dealerships in the DC area. She received her degree in Business Management from Virginia Tech. She is located in NYC.

From Manhattan to Melville, Omnicom finds an ideal location for all of their employees. Interior Design firm Mancini Duffy takes us into Omnicom’s Manhattan office. (Then check out their Melville, NY space here.

Project Overview:

  • Design Firm: Mancini Duffy
  • Client: Omnicom
  • Completion Date: 2023
  • Location: New York, New York, USA
  • Size: 38,000 sq ft

We were charged with moving an agency from their existing location on four floors into an existing one-floor space that had “good bones” but needed to be adapted for the new agency’s needs and to their brand aesthetic.

The first step was to access the existing space to see what we felt could remain as is and what needed to be updated to meet the clients’ programmatic needs. We then developed a plan to repurpose all offices into meeting rooms, selectively remove workstations to create collaborations and amenity spaces, build a new client facing pitch room and edit/sound suites, selectively replace finishes and furniture for about half of the plan, upgrade all lighting, incorporate a robust graphic and branding upgrade throughout and incorporate biophilic elements throughout.

Architect | Mancini Duffy

Project Planning

We engaged with the client to understand their brand, what they were looking for in a future workspace, and what they felt was working/not working in their current office and developed a vision and programmatic requirements for the new space.

Architect | Mancini Duffy

Project Details

The Manhattan design solutions included redesigning the elevator lobby to create a bold and modern entrance to the space. Creating an activity-based workspace that is bright and welcoming by upgrading lighting, incorporating live plants throughout, and minimizing existing workstation furniture to incorporate new activity-based collaboration areas. A sophisticated client library lounge was designed for meet and greets/breakout, a luxurious pitch room experience, and four distinct pantry/coffee shop areas to evoke four different feelings and allow employees to choose the type of space they wanted to touchdown in for the day: Zen tearoom, industrial Brooklyn, playful & sweet, welcoming, and inviting. Additionally, all existing offices were converted into various types of meeting rooms and created a suite of edit/sound studios. Creatively placed large environmental graphics and staging/styling of legacy artifacts showcase the agency’s brand and culture throughout.

Architect | Mancini Duffy



Glass Wall System – Steelcase

Paint – Benjamin Moore 


Quartz Countertop:


Architect | Mancini Duffy

Wall Covering – Custom Print by Client

Whiteboard/Tackable Wall – Koroseal



Architect | Mancini Duffy

Branding the Space

The client designed wall covering that was installed in all the areas we identified throughout the space, which really enriched our design story and gave the space a very specific brand personality.

Architect | Mancini Duffy


Architect | Mancini Duffy


Principal, Director of Workplace Strategy & Interior Design: Jessica Mann-Amato, IIDA

Project Manager: Betzally Mendoza

Senior Designer: Kristen Hagen

Project Associate: Cesar Gomez

Designers: Emily Anderson and Alexandria Borelli


Mike Van Tassell Photography, LLC

Architect | Mancini Duffy
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