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Emma Ascott

Emma Ascott is a contributing writer for Allwork.Space based in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from Walter Cronkite at Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication in 2021. Emma has written about a multitude of topics, such as the future of work, politics, social justice, money, tech, government meetings, breaking news and healthcare.

Economic Pressures Continue To Shrink Offices

Recent statistics are showing the office is downsizing. Read about how companies are responding to the data with space-efficient initiatives. 

Will AI Pave The Way For A Three-Day Workweek?

The AI revolution is sparking discussion among business leaders about the potential reconfiguration of the traditional workweek.

AI Will Shape The New Era Of Employee Performance Metrics

Future work metrics will leverage AI to assess productivity, efficiency, quality, innovation, well-being, learning, and ethics in 2024+.

How Can We Navigate The Ethical Minefield Of AI Moderation In The Future Of Work?

Allwork.Space explores how AI moderation in the future of work will impact efficiency, ethics, and employee well-being.

How To Actually Get Sh*T Done Working From Home

Allwork.Space shares nine work from home tips and some helpful products that will make your days more productive.

What’s Going On With Office Vacancies?

Allwork.Space shares some perspectives on what’s fueling the increasingly weak CRE market, and what cities are trying to do about it.

3 Pivotal Ways To Foster Workplace Connections

Jamie Hodari, CEO and co-founder of coworking space Industrious, shares three actionable steps to build a sense of community in the workplace with Allwork.Space.

5 Ways Immersive Audio Can Boost Workplace Wellness And Productivity

Immersive audio technology creates a three-dimensional sound experience, enhancing the overall audio environment in an office. Could it help RTO rates?

Climate Quitting And 7 More Reasons Your Company Needs More Sustainable Practices

Corporate environmental policies may be hurting recruitment as younger workers prioritize combating climate change.

5 Steps To Master The Hybrid Work Model

Phil Simon, an expert in workplace collaboration and technology, shares his insights on how to successfully implement a hybrid work model.

How The Rise Of Four-Day Work Weeks Could Reshape The Coworking Industry

Allwork.Space shares how a four-day work week has the potential to accelerate the demand for coworking spaces.

Establish An Effective Hybrid Work Environment In 6 Steps

Allwork.Space shares 6 steps to create an effective hybrid work environment that will boost trust, visibility and productivity.

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