Meet Woodura: Wood Floors That Last For Generations

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Wood flooring in commercial buildings not only adds elegance and warmth to spaces but also holds a surprising environmental impact, especially if it’s Woodura.

Various industry reports estimate that commercial buildings contribute approximately 6.3 million tons of wood flooring waste to landfills in the United States alone. This staggering amount represents a significant environmental concern for architects and designers, considering that wood flooring constitutes about 5% of all construction waste. With the rising demand for sustainable building practices, finding innovative ways to reduce this waste and repurpose wood materials in commercial projects has become paramount.

That’s why we were particularly excited to learn about Woodura.

Woodura Misty White
Pictured: Bjelin Woodura Planks Hardened Wood in Misty White. Image by Klas Eriksson.

Woodura Has Great Roots

Bjelin develops and manufactures innovative flooring products featuring ground-breaking technologies. Development is in collaboration with sister company Välinge Innovation AB, best known as the inventor of the first mechanical floor locking system. The combination of the surface technology Woodura®, the moisture-resistant Välinge Compositek Core™, and the leakproof 5G Dry® floor locking system ensures a strong and water-proof floor that can last for generations in heavy commercial environments.

Production takes place in Bjelin’s state-of-the-art factories in Sweden and Croatia, where the company has access to high-quality FSC-certified wood enabling lead times on larger projects to be 8-weeks. With two warehouses in the US on the East and West Coast so some projects may have no lead time!

Woodura esarp
Pictured: Bjelin Woodura Planks Hardened Wood (ESARP) in Misty White at the Halmstad City Library in Sweden. Image courtesy of Kajsa Ericsson.

How is it Different?

The company’s design thinking is based on preserving or enhancing the naturalness of the raw material – real wood. Scandinavian nature inspires the design, including the colors which are influenced by the lush, dark forests to the light midnight sun, creating a contemporary yet classic variety.

The result is that Bjelin’s hardened wood floors, Woodura Planks 3.0, are empowered by patented technology, making them three times stronger than engineered products while significantly more dent- and water-resistant. Made from responsibly sourced, FSC-certified raw materials, these 100% Scandinavian-designed real wood floors are also more sustainable, requiring only a tenth of wood.

Woodura Technology
Graphic courtesy of Bjelin.

Ideal for heavy commercial use as well as residential environments, these floors feature Bjelin’s toughest commercial matte finish, which is also easy to maintain. Inspired by Scandinavian nature, these floors are available in various colors and a wide range of sizes, from Small to wide XXL.

How Woodura Help’s Your Client’s ESG Goals

Woodura has earned 5 certifications: Greenguard Gold, Mindful Materials, LEED, EPD, and FSC Mix. But there’s more.

Through the unique Woodura® technology, Bjelin can produce ten times more flooring from the same amount of lumber, thereby preserving trees in the forest.

Waste is also recycled back into the process. The factories are built in close proximity to the forests to reduce transport.

Woodura Planks 3.0 have a 10-year Heavy Commercial warranty, but with regular wear and tear these floors can last for generations.

When it comes to the product’s afterlife, Woodura’s locking system enables floor panels to be uninstalled, relocated and reinstalled elsewhere, should the need arise. While circumstances vary, a take back program may be available upon inquiry.

woodura rya in silver
Pictured: Bjelin Woodura Planks Hardened Wood (RYA) in silver. Image courtesy of Kajsa Ericsson.

Ready to experience Woodura in-person?

NeoCon bound buyers can see Woodura up close as it is featured in the Momentum showroom #323 on the third floor and a dedicated booth #7-3069 on the 7th floor of Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

Keep Up With the latest News & Inspirations from Woodura

Woodura Hospitality Setting
Pictured: Bjelin Woodura Planks Hardened Wood (IMMELN) in ivory. Image courtesy of Kajsa Ericsson.

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Article done in partnership with Woodura.

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