Step Inside Kimball International’s Chicago Showroom by Eastlake Studio

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Kimball International’s Chicago showroom created by geniant + Eastlake Studio features bold colors and texture-rich materials.

Visit the showroom:

Monday, June 10: 9am – 7pm | 3pm artisan gelato | 4pm – 7pm Crafting Culture Gathering with live music by South City Revival and an eclectic variety of craft cuisine and libations

Tuesday, June 11: 9am – 5pm | 3pm small batch trail mix

Wednesday, June 12: 9am – 3pm

Everyday: Hot/iced coffees, light breakfast, and light lunches

Participate in “Podcast in a Pod”. Through this interactive experience, visitors are invited to share their visionary ideas about the future of design. Interviews from this personal recording pod will be used to shape the conversation for an upcoming episode of their Alternative Design podcast.

The Showroom Story

Project Overview:

  • Design Firm: geniantEastlake Studio
  • Client: Kimball International
  • Completion Date: May 2023
  • Location: Fulton Market in Chicago, IL, USA
  • Hours: By appointment
    M-F 9:00–5:00
  • Size: 13,000 RSF
  • Certifications: WELL Platinum

Kimball International relocated their showroom from their long-term home adjacent to Chicago’s Merchandise Mart to Fulton Market. The new showroom immerses Kimball International in Chicago’s newest design district while creating one unified space to exhibit their broad portfolio of brands.

The site is located on the 7th floor of 318 North Carpenter, a new construction concrete loft. With a clear, open floorplate, glazing on three sides, and a wraparound roof deck, the space steeps the occupant in the surrounding urban texture and blends interior and exterior.

The driving principle behind the design is a shift from seeing the “showroom” as a place of exhibition to being a series of experiences. The showroom is reframed as a design consultancy, rather than a sales floor.

A two-sided volume defines the center of the plan; hospitality bar on one side, design studio on the other. Visitors circulate around this central mass exploring different vignettes – lounge, collaboration, heads-down, wellness – while in constant dialogue with the outside. Bold, saturated colors and texture-rich materials create the feeling of a social space, rather than a museum of furniture.

Project Details

Kimball International’s Chicago showroom was conceived with WELL standards in mind from the beginning. All of the major social and work spaces have direct access to natural light, while electric lighting is precisely zoned and controllable by the occupant for maximum comfort. Abundant plantings give freshness and delight to the air, while connecting the interior with the exterior. The roof deck is programmed with both active spaces for gaming as well as quiet, contemplative spaces to relax and experience the outside. A robust food service and prep kitchen area encourage mindful eating and food preparation and give ample space and facilities for the storage and preparation of healthy, home-prepared meals.

Continuing the theme of the showroom as an extension of and connection point to the city, a bold, faceted portal with integrated lighting and plants frames the threshold condition between the public elevators and the showroom, creating a mental border between “inside” and “outside” in the interior of the space.

Kimball International has a long history of partnering and foregrounding local artists in the cities where they have showrooms. In the Chicago showroom, Kimball International partnered with fiber artist Windy Chien to create a whimsical swagged light fixture (see below) over the serving bar. The delicate macrame and spontaneous draping act as a counterpoint to the structured geometries of the surrounding architecture.

3 Must-See Products 

The Kithara Collection by David Edward

Designed by Brad Ascalon, Kithara will be launching in the fall of 2023. The collection will include lounge seating and coordinating occasional tables with stunning design elements. From hand-stitched details on the arms with a contrasting stitch color option to mortise and tenon joints in the rounded, artisan Walnut or Maple frames, Kithara showcases bold talent and creative energy.

EverySpace by Kimball


Kimball introduces a new, modular workplace platform that can create workstations for any situation. EverySpace is a comprehensive solution that puts the user at the center of its design. It can flex and flow as needs change and work styles evolve. Designed in collaboration with CSD Studio, EverySpace offers adaptable architecture that supports users throughout their day.

EverySpace brings personal, human feeling into highly functional spaces. Its beauty and attention to detail in conjunction with its multitude of storage and casework configurations make the user feel like their station is tailored to fit their specific needs and work style. To say that it can be used across an entire floorplate is not an exaggeration. Its customizable platform gracefully accommodates individual wants and spatial needs.

Tessera by National

Tessera’s comprehensive portfolio includes casegoods, storage, wall panels and shelves, conference and occasional tables, and benches. Showcasing a contemporary vibe with a floating top aesthetic, Tessera desks and workstations feature a sleek and angular design. Its vast array of storage options allows the user to tailor it to their personal needs, while adjustable height worksurface options create maximum productivity and versatility. The unique wall panel allows storage, shelves, and surfaces to be strategically placed to add visual interest and functional elements. The tables collection offers solutions for meeting spaces and gathering areas. Utilize Tessera’s coordinating benches to provide a creative and comfortable seating experience.

Showroom Tours

Open by appointment M-F 9:00–5:00. For a tour of the showroom, please contact Elisa Gutierrez.

Showroom Address:

  • 7th Floor, 318 N Carpenter St, Chicago, IL 60607

Design Team

Photography credit

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