Hiline by Dauphin

    Introducing the incredible Hiline – a fantastic and stylish solution for dynamic and collaborative spaces. This furniture seamlessly combines functional design with privacy features, offering a range of options to accommodate various environments like offices, libraries, and high-traffic areas. The innerspring seat cushion delivers unparalleled comfort, elevating it above typical commercial furniture offerings. For those requiring extra focus and seclusion, privacy walls are also available. Hiline’s customization options, including polished, black, or wood legs, as well as a plinth base, enhance functionality and ease of maintenance. From bleach-cleanable textiles to durable yet soft vinyl, a wide range of fabric choices ensures Hiline can adapt to the demands of any space while maintaining an attractive aesthetic. Hiline’s exceptional blend of comfort, privacy, and customizable options caters to both collaborative and individual needs, fostering a harmonious environment for connection and productivity.
    Sustainability Statement
    Hiline prioritizes sustainability through its material selection and production processes. The furniture is made using responsibly sourced materials, including sustainably harvested wood for the legs and eco-friendly textiles that are durable and easy to clean, reducing the need for frequent replacements. The production process minimizes waste and energy consumption by employing advanced manufacturing techniques and recycling scrap materials. Additionally, the option for bleach-cleanable fabrics extends the product’s lifespan by ensuring it remains in good condition, even in high-traffic areas. By focusing on sustainability in both materials and manufacturing, Hiline provides a more environmentally friendly and responsible furnishing solution.
    Health and Wellness Attributes
    Hiline embodies a commitment to enhancing user health and wellness, boasting an ergonomic design and unwavering focus on comfort. The innerspring seat cushion delivers exceptional support, effectively combating fatigue during extended seated periods. Furthermore, the inclusion of privacy walls empowers users to establish personal retreats, fostering heightened concentration and diminished stress in bustling environments. The range of customizable fabric options, including bleach-cleanable textiles, guarantees a pristine and hygienic seating area, elevating the standards of a healthy workspace. By seamlessly intertwining comfort, privacy, and hygiene, Hiline not only fosters physical well-being but also cultivates a nurturing environment conducive to mental health.
    Key Features
    • Innerspring seat cushion for superior comfort
    • Available as a bench with or without a backrest
    • Option for privacy walls for added seclusion
    • Made to spec available giving you maximum customizable design options
    • Plinth base option for enhanced functionality and cleanability
    • Fabric options include bleach-cleanable textiles and durable vinyl
    • Ideal for high-performing touchdown spaces and high-traffic areas
    • Versatile design suitable for offices, libraries, and collaborative environments
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    Boonton, New Jersey
    Lead Time
    6-8 weeks
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