HÅG Tion by 9to5 Seating

    With a movement mechanism that echoes physical shifting throughout the workday, HÅG Tion is designed for wellness-forward in-office tasking or work-from-home. Available in a hand-selected variety of on-trend monochromatic colors and textiles and built with an impressive 75% recycled and renewable materials, HÅG Tion is ideal for the 21st-century workspace.
    Sustainability Statement

    Made with 75% recycled materials, designed for disassembly, and made using as few components as possible, it also has the lowest carbon footprint of any of our task chairs, and can be repaired and refurbished long after its limited lifetime warranty. All of this combined make it our most sustainable task chair to date.

    Made with 75% recycled materials – including 94% post-consumer plastics in the plastic seat and back shells, and 97% recycled aluminum – we are proud to say that the HÅG Tion has the highest ratio of recycled materials in our entire portfolio.

    Through continuous research and development, we have steadily increased the amount of recycled materials into our products, without affecting the performance and durability of our designs. For the HÅG Tion models containing wood the total share of renewable and recycled materials is 77% The renewable wood we offer is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

    Key Features
    • Light task, conference and collaborative seating
    • Designed for flexibility and to fit in any workspace
    • Monochromatic plastic and aluminum color combinations
    • Made with 75% recycled and renewable materials
    • Multiple cylinder and seat height ranges
    • Optional coordinating foot ring
    • Warranted to 300 lbs
    • Available to order in January
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