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All Things NeoCon

NeoCon Talks 2024: Videos from Day 2

Experience Day 2 of NeoCon Talks 2024. Sessions 5 - 8 covered topics from occupational therapy to AI and more!

Neocon Talks 2024: Videos from Day 1

Missed the NeoCon Talks? Catch Day 1 videos of the four 20-minute sessions covering topics from Gen Z @work to democratizing architecture.

A Recap of Our Inaugural NeoCon Talks 2023

The first year of NeoCon Talks focused on AI, human psychology, motherhood in the workplace, students designing furniture, and more.

What We Loved At NeoCon 2023

Check out some of our favorite products that we saw at NeoCon 2023.

NeoCon 2023: 7th Floor Finds

The 7th Floor at NeoCon was filled with innovative new products and solutions that we expect to see in offices soon!

NeoCon 2022: 7th Floor Finds

Didn't get time to check out the seventh floor of NeoCon 2022. We've got you covered with what caught our attention.

NeoCon 2021: The Workplace Reimagined & Beyond

Inspired by key moments and topics from the NeoCon 2021 panel discussion, we explored more points with Cheryl Durst and Joe Connell.

NeoCon 2021 Trend: Outdoor Options & Bringing the Outdoors In

Check out products for working outside and that bring the outdoors in that caught our eye. 

NeoCon 2021 Trend: Coziness Factor

Grab a soft blanket and a warm drink as we share the coziest items that caught our attention at NeoCon 2021 and beyond.

Experiences at Work: Spaces That Inspire and Unite

This designer from NeoCon’s recent virtual program believes the death of the office has been greatly exaggerated and that workplace design will take an evolutionary leap.

Empathy In Practice

These designers of NeoCon's recent virtual program aren't waiting around for change to happen, they are using design as a tool to enable much needed change.

Designing Under the Influence – The Impact of Media on Design

NeoCon’s recent virtual program examines how social media has changed communication about design not only with clients, but peers too.
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